Friday, June 12, 2015

Pretty dirty work!!!!

©2015 Barry Smith - Beauty of a 5cm wire polishing wheel
I did not get time for art work today - Fiona and I spent the day helping her folks with their house move and clean.  We had put aside this time; so I had planned ahead and did some work on my peace poles commission on Wednesday. I finished sanding 5 poles (vary in length from 1.2m to 1.6m and 15cm square blackout hardwood); and I routed two panels in each pole (10cm wide; .5cm deep; and either 1m or 1.2m long).

The routing was quite a tedious and very dusty job.

©2015 Barry Smith - I swept up 2 full buckets of wood dust
©2015 Barry Smith - Layers of wood dust and chip on a pole and work bench
But in the end I had made good flat inserts into each pole. The plan is to insert 2mm thick etched aluminium panel into the routed sections - a frame for the etched words and leaves.
©2015 Barry Smith - I routed v grooves for the frames first 
©2015 Barry Smith - Then routed the flat bed - took 6 passes with the router per pole - did a bit of router bit sharpening along the way - hard dry timber
©2015 Barry Smith - Long routed section for the etched panels
On Thursday Fiona and I had to go to Brisbane for work-work so it provided the opportunity for me to go to the jewellery supplies to buy some rinding and polishing wheels; and a basic disk cutting tool.

©2015 Barry Smith - The mixed medium and steel wire brushes are constant tools of the trade
©2015 Barry Smith - Basic disk cutting tool - I think I will have fun with this.
So this wet Friday ends - we are tired - but will be cheered by a baked pumpkin and blue cheese risotto washed down by a little wine.


  1. Need to see this further along to get a better idea of what you're doing, but I know it will be great. That risotto sounds delicious!

    1. Hi C - well as you can see from my latest post earrings have emerged. Go well. B


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