Wednesday, June 10, 2015


©2015 Barry Smith - A fragment of dawn light fills this blossom
The move from autumn to winter is a time of change on our mountain: the morning light has changed to dark shades of grey-blue and then a blush or orange; the only street light on Treehaven Way is still shining when I walk; the Camellias and Nectarines are just a riot of colour; the Maples are shedding leaves; and artworks on the block reappear. I love these marks of seasonal change.

©2015 Barry Smith - The valley is filled with dark light asI begin my walk
©2015 Barry Smith - Dawn & power lines in Treehaven Way
©2015 Barry Smith - Dark dawn in Treehaven Way
©2015 Barry Smith - An orange puddle created by the only street light on Treehaven Way
©2015 Barry Smith - Got to love the resileience of the nectarine blossom 
©2015 Barry Smith - Camellia  bee food bowl
©2015 Barry Smith - The skinny maple begins to emerge
©2015 Barry Smith - The soft light on the terraces
©2015 Barry Smith - Fiona's peace weather grams still survive after months of being hidden in the foliage of the tree at the front of the house.

©2015 Barry Smith - This gathering of posts emerge from the frangipani
©2015 Barry Smith - Fiona's rusted wraps on a post appear from another frangipani
Having said that I can't say I look forward to the cold. Still the good news is that the shortest day is but 6 weeks away and then the mornings will take on a brighter hue.


  1. That fourth one reminded me of Turner! Lovely shots all, B.

  2. the festival of light - yes. at the shift of seasons i take time to be grateful for getting to bear witness to it once again. hoping of course that there will be others in my future, i try to sink into each moment and savor the subtlety of nature's cycles. beautiful pictures.

  3. Your change of season is far more spectacular than ours down here on the coast, B. Though there are a few more coloured leaves than I usually see. Your photos are so beautiful...

  4. Hi TT, MJ & C - thanks for checking out the post. TT - got to love the way light focuses and plays. MJ - you are so right - each day a visual feast is offered up if only we pause to experience the feast of colour and light. C - I goes being in the mountains (hills really) contributes to a more distinct seasonal change. Peace. B


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