Sunday, October 11, 2015

Art at your feet

©2015 Barry Smith - This has nothing to do with the brass and mosaic pieces - but I loved the colour and concept. A bass speaker and paint as part of a interactive piece of art in a Umbrella Gallery in Townsville 
As readers will know from an earlier blog post Fiona and I did a sculpture walk when we were in Townsville a few wells ago. I showed a few of the standing 3D sculptures.

However I was also taken by the use of brass and mosaic tiles to create 2D art works in the concrete pathway. Each piece told a placemaking story - moving from Indigenous ownership and settlement of the place to white settlement.

Though the stories we worth reading I thought I would just share a few images here so to show the lovely weathering of the brass, the texture and the mosaic.

A lot of creativity went into the pieces. I think it is a useful and strong way to tell placemaking stories, or share quotes, or poems.


  1. Love the patinas, Barry... and I agree, a great way to tell placemaking stories.

    1. Hi VA - I know that you can appreciate that because you look at the world through artist's eyes. Peace. B

  2. These are lovely, B, what a wonderful way to tell a story. And I love the colour in your first photo!


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