Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Fragments and droplets again!!!!

©2015 Barry Smith - Such beauty in decomposition
We have been having a bit of odd weather - storms that produce lots of noise and lightning and little rain; and shifts in temperature from warm to cool - not sure where we are season wise.

Still the plants seem to be enjoying it. Our veggie garden is going well and we have done 4 coffee pickings so far. I started the morning walk with the veggies and then ventured down Treehaven Way.

Some gorgeous dew soaked blossoms in the veggie patch.

©2015 Barry Smith - Rich purple of sage blossom
©2015 Barry Smith - Suspended droplet on bean blossom
©2015 Barry Smith - Crystal droplets on snow pea blossom
©2015 Barry Smith - Tiny yarrow blossoms
Fragile fungi near the beginning of the walk in the Way; and other blossoms spent.

©2015 Barry Smith - A trio of fragile fungi
©2015 Barry Smith - Almost see through
©2015 Barry Smith - Now but a ball of fur
Blossoms showing colour and some holding water (inspiration for as if holding water jewellery).

©2015 Barry Smith - Subtle beauty of native frangipani
A good crop of nectarines hiding in the foliage - hope the birds don't find them.

Agaves holding small pools for insects and small, frogs.

©2015 Barry Smith - A crystal clear plant pond 
And a photo showing the unusual cloud formation for the morning.

©2015 Barry Smith - A cloud filled valley
Another relaxing walk.


  1. I had a lovely walk with you this morning Barry, thank you.

  2. Wonderful... love the mushrooms.

  3. Hi P & VA - one of the things I don't take fore grated is the ability to see the world through others eyes even though we are so far apart. Thanks for going on a walk with me - I'm always glad to share your walks and the beautiful fragments nature offers. Go well. B

  4. Another wonderful walk, Barry! Don't you just love dewdrops!

    1. Hi C - yes the dew drops are special - like small crystals - I always get drawn into photographing them. Peace. B


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