Friday, October 30, 2015

Artisan Lamps

©2015 Barry Smith - Neon Cross globe bought from garage sale
Recently it was suggested to me that I could give my assemblage lamps a new name - moving away from identifying them as Steampunk. It was suggested that whilst they had a Steampunk and industrial flavour they were also small sculptural assemblages in their own right. So Fiona and I have decided to rename them Artisan Lamps by Barry Smith.

I'm in the midst of making a new series - needed to get a lot of bits and pieces off my work bench - clean the surfaces a little. This new series will include a number of pairs and also a little more recycled timber. The work has started as you can see from the photos below.

©2015 Barry Smith - Recycled timber cut and drilled
©2015 Barry Smith - Some of the 'found' objects selected, dismantled and ready for cleaning and polishing
©20125 Barry Smith - Some of the objects ready for assembling
I managed to get a couple finished on Thursday. I didn't get time to work on them today (Friday) as we are having good friends visiting on Friday-Sunday and checking out Fiona's exhibition etc.  A few photos of the finished two follow.

One made from Model K Holley Carburettor from Detroit - most likely used on the Model T Ford; some brass pipe; some seriously worn recycled timber; and a vintage brass light fitting.

©2015 Barry Smith - Artisan Lamp for the old car lovers
©2015 Barry Smith - Lamp for the old car lovers
The other made from a garden spray head; other plumbing bits; brass studs and a patinated vintage brass light fitting.

©2015 Barry Smith - Clean lines - beauty of wood and brass
©2015 Barry Smith - Clean lines - beauty of wood and brass
I tried the Neon Cross lamp globe to see how it went on the small lamp (about 25cm high). The globe was bought for $3 at a garage sale!!!! Guess some might like the plain globe but others might like the cross. I also bought another cross globe - it is a clear screw type globe.

©2015 Barry Smith - Clean lines - beauty of wood and brass - with a little red
I have another 6 Artisan Lamps to assemble - might get a bit done on Sunday.


  1. Fabulous lamps! What you do with old discarded bits is inspired.

  2. Barry, these are wonderful! You're a magician!

  3. Hi AA & C - I always appreciate the comments even more when I know they come from fellow creators. We all do magic in our own way - and I know both of you make such creative use of the discarded. Go well. B


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