Friday, October 16, 2015

It is not always about creating

As you know Friday is almost sacred to me from a creating-making perspective - a day earmarked for the garage-studio. But this day was not to be a making day. In the main it was about community (several hours of meetings on social housing), the block, cleaning up and preparation for making.

The work on the block took the form of finally hanging a number of original prints we bought several years ago. They were meant to go on the walls in the visitors' pavilion - and finally today they made it. Beautiful, tough and meaningful works by Gwenn Tasker - a focus on refugees - so topical to get them up at this time.

©2015 Barry Smith - Detail of Siev X by Gwenn Tasker
©2015 Barry Smith - Siev X by Gwenn Tasker
©2015 Barry Smith - Detention Centres by Gwenn Tasker
Another block job was to spread grass seed over about a third of the block, down the back, in the hope of replacing weeds with resilient grass. Delicate quiet job sprinkling tiny seeds - now we need a little more gentle rain overnight.

And the balance of time was doing preparation for creating. Unpacking a box of silverware I received in the mail from my friend Dave.

©2015 Barry Smith - Dave's stash
Doing a big clean up of the metal cutting bench; and turning all the smaller offcuts into even smaller scraps for smelting.

©2015 Barry Smith - Detail of finely cut offcuts ready for smelting
I have about 8-10 kilos of small metal scraps for smelting now. Over the next couple of weeks the smelt will happen. I was fortunate that a ceramic artist friend, Judy Gardiner, gave me both clay slip and a ball of clay for me too use to make my green sand (mix of 9 parts fine sand and 1 part fine clay) for making forms to pour molten metal into.

©2015 Barry Smith - Very very beautiful fine white clay on rust
As part of the clan up and cutting process I did cut blanks for about 10 sets of Daily Leaf Words leaves and four bowls. During the expo I totally sold out of Daily Leaf Word sets.

Over the weekend I might get make - but for now it is time for a single malt.


  1. What intriguing and timely prints. I'm very much looking forward to seeing what you do with your cast metal. Always inspiring to see what you're up to. Your posts are such a treat, whether you're sharing the lovely sights from your walks, your amazing moon shots or views from your creative process and studio. Thank you!

  2. Barry....looks like you are doing well....busy, creating and taking time a much deserved single malt! Cheers to you! -- Patti

  3. Hi AA and P - thanks for checking out the post and your comments are always valued. AA - one of the things I like about the people one follows is that they are always a source of encouragement and inspiration - and in the small blog 'communities' we create I feel that is a mutual thing - I know that is how I feel about your blog and work. P - so long since we have linked up - seems ages since you were battling floods and returning to work etc. will make the effort to reconnect. Peace. B


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