Friday, October 9, 2015

Off to the Expo...

Fiona and I often say that the art life is not all about creating. Even if an artist isn't interested in selling their art there can be many other facets to the art life: looking for inspiration; discussing art with others; sharing what one is doing; exhibiting; publishing etc etc.

If you are exhibiting and/or selling then you quickly realise that the art life involves quite a bit of organising and 'paper' work. Now and then Fiona refers to the fact that I have to do shop keeping tasks: price lists, packing, posting etc.

I have been doing many such shop keeping and admin tasks in preparation for the Sunshine Coast Jewellery and Art Expo ( 10-11 Oct) Coolum Civic Centre ( Park St Coolum Beach).

One of the final things I do for events such as the Expo is to make the product list. For me this includes name of piece/s,  photo of piece/s, number of pieces and price. This becomes a checklist for keeping track of the bits and the sales.

I have photographed groups of pieces that will be for sale. Some of them are below.

©2015 Barry Smith  - As if holding water pendants 
©2015 Barry Smith - Like flowers pendants
©2015 Barry Smith - As if holding water earrings - circles
©2015 Barry Smith - As if holding water earrings - square
©2015 Barry Smith - 'Found' earrings - part of the metal recalling process
©2015 Barry Smith - Riveted and swing earrings
©2015 Barry Smith - Resin pendants with watch parts
©2015 Barry Smith - A trio of patinated copper leaves
©2015 Barry Smith - A trio of silver-plated leaves
©2015 Barry Smith - Peace pendants
©2015 Barry Smith - Cuff bracelets
©2015 Barry Smith - Pendants influenced by Steampunk
©2015 Barry Smith - Bone pendants
©2015 Barry Smith - Small fungi bowls - smaller organic take on the larger Starburst Bowls
©2015 Barry Smith - Daily Leaf Words set
©2015 Barry Smith - Upper arm bracelet
The next task of course is setting up the stand; and of course attending to it for the two days of the event. At this point I tend to ask myself: Tell me again why I decided to do this?

And Fiona gets roped into to do price tags and attend the stand - goes she is asking the same question.

©2015 Barry Smith - Lucky to have a great and obliging calligrapher in the family
It is all part of our art life. It turns out that I have over 150 pieces for sale - made me tired when I realised that.

Hope to see a few familiar faces over the couple of days of the Expo.

Today is Friday - maybe a glass of wine will dim the pain!!!


  1. wish I could be there, enjoy your wine.

  2. Good luck B - I've just retired from spending the last 20 years doing this kinda thing and I can see you are going to do very well - your presentation is pitch perfect!

  3. Wow! That's a goodly amount of stock you have there. It will all fly out the door.

  4. Stunning collection you have there!!! I've just started showing my art more, and would be happy to be half as organized as you 2 seem to be. Best of luck selling at the expo.
    -----Lori @ Gathering Stars

  5. Hello. Your works is Superb.
    Handmade warmth is felt to me.

    Greetings from Japan. ruma

  6. Would love to be there, Barry, but just not possible. Your photos are stunning and I kept thinking "I want that". Have a wonderful time and I'm sure you'll sell heaps. Go well...

  7. I'd say you're very well stocked, Barry! Love the variety, I'm partial to the bone pendants, leaves and bowls.

  8. P, K, JM, L, Ruma and C - well folks it seems a long time ago already - and yet it is not even a week. Thanks for your comments of support. P - one day we will see you up here again. K - as you know I don't do this often - did it for a friend - not sure I will do it too often. L - thanks for you wishes - it takes quite a bit of effort doesn't it? Creating is good - selling and marketing not so good. Ruma - you are generous in your praise - though you are right - the handmade has a certain energy about it. C - thanks - it was a good weekend and I did sell quite a lot - but also was able to share the recycling story with quite a few folk. All - go well and be happy. B


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