Friday, October 23, 2015

The big night and a few foibles

Well tonight is a big night for Fiona, Susan and Ken. Fiona and Susan's artists' book and print exhibition is officially opened at 6pm in the Noosa Gallery. They have so much gorgeous work on show - it will be a real buzz of a night - and exhausting to. Ken has his own exhibition on his resurrected pieces - great to see these pieces on the wall.

It goes without saying that time was not spent in the studio-garage today; but I did manage to finish a few sets of Found and Formed earrings yesterday.

I think there will be a glass of bubbles or two to celebrate Fiona's and Susan's extraordinary effort.


  1. sending all kinds of "good vibes" your way, for fiona and susan. the photos look beautiful, i wish i could see it!

  2. I wish them all the luck in the world. Will get up to see the show next week. Yummy earrings!!!

  3. Blessings of all kinds and especially for a great show for Fiona and Susan. Their collaborations are so wonderful, seeing their work together will be rich, I'm sure.

  4. Best wishes for a great exhibition for Fiona and Susan. They deserve the recognition. Love your new earrings, B.


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