Sunday, March 27, 2016

After about 5 years a relaunched website

Fiona and I thought it was time to refresh our websites. Over the last month or so we have been working with Katie White of Phoenix Designs to create our new look; but a look that maintains a strong link to our old sites.

©2016 Barry Smith - Landing page images of the new look website
So you are invited to visit and check out the relaunched website.

©2016 Barry Smith - Even a 'new' mugshot of me
In designing the website I have attempted to give a better look into the work that I'm doing now. There are images with a few more words to give some insights into what I'm doing; and occasionally why I'm doing it.

The landing or home page is a grid of 9 images (see first photo) that will take you to 9 portfolio pages.

©2016 Barry Smith - Landing or home page with drop down menus and hover images
Each portfolio page will provide an opportunity to drill down a bit further on images and explanations-descriptions.

©2016 Barry Smith - Each of the 9 portfolio pages presents up to 10 images which then can take one to some descriptions etc.
There is a page and a menu that enable one to check out places my work can be seen

©2016 Barry Smith - Places my work can be seen
There is a direct link to my blog and a list of more recent posts.

©2016 Barry Smith - The blog connection
And of course there is also my online shop and a how to contact me page. The online shop won't go live until mid May as I intend to review current stock and then restock the shop.

It has been great working with Katie (an artist and tech wizard) - we had to do the content but she did the magic - and it is a website I'm proud of. I have tried to give a bit of a teaser; but you check it out as there is quite a lot to see so you can click here


  1. Love the new website Barry. Very clean looking -- and the art is definitely the star.

  2. I enjoyed browsing through your new improved website Barry. Highlights: the Travelers Shrine and the indoor Mountains.... But all look wonderful!


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