Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Misty morning magic

©2016 Barry Smith - Tiny moss plant with micro droplets on stainless steel railing wire - size of the moss is about 12-15mm from top to bottom
On the mountain we seem to be having our January weather in March - lots of short sharp rain showers - including heavy short rain showers overnight. It means I'm not getting a lot of work done outside; but it does result in some beautiful soft mornings and lots of moisture for growing moss and fungi and small droplets on all manner of things.

The different light of Monday and Wednesday morning in the valley.

©2016 Barry Smith - Monday morning about 5.45am
©2016 Barry Smith - Monday morning about 6.05am
©2016 Barry Smith - A dull morning sky on Wednesday but a drifting cloud catches the rising sun
©2016 Barry Smith - Contrasts in the valley view on Wednesday - dairy farm below shrouded in a lake of cloud
Fungi on the walk this morning.

©2016 Barry Smith

©2016 Barry Smith - Fragile fungi trashed by the overnight rain
©2016 Barry Smith - Fungi droplet
©2016 Barry Smith - Group of fungi on pine needles and wood chip - holding water
©2016 Barry Smith - Fluted fungi edge
Tiny spider clinging to its web with a bug for breakfast.

©2016 Barry Smith - Spider is about 6-7mm long
And another moss droplet.

©2016 Barry Smith - Tiny droplet of water holding small leaf fragment
On the downside the grass and weeds are growing; but on the upside the air is clean and the autumn potatoes plants have started to push through the soil.


  1. Lovely photos, love the very ragged fungi.

  2. Ohhh this post is packed with magic. Your images of nature raise my spirits. Love the tiny moss tendril in the first image.

  3. Love the atmospheric shrouded valley view. It would make a good book illustration! I can just see the beginnings of the story. ;-)
    Sandy in the UK

  4. Beautiful images... love the mist hanging low in the valley.

  5. Your misty morning is beautiful. Every single image is delightful!

  6. P, R, S, VA & C - how bad am I that I have not got around to saying thanks for your comments - and it is almost Wednesday again already. P - thanks - whilst collecting nuts today I noticed quite a few fungi popping up - hoping they will be there tomorrow. R- what delightful feedback - thanks - such joy the tiny things of nature can bring. S & VA - been quite a bit of shrouding of the valley lately. Makes for very soft images if only I could paint. C - the images are down to nature really - I'm just the witness and sharer. All go well. B


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