Sunday, March 13, 2016

Something old and something new for a wedding

©2016 Barry Smith 
I got my sculptural mountain-wing wood forms sanded and oiled on Saturday. I now need to let them just absorb the oil fully before I start to add the metal wraps.

So I moved on to a commission to create a wedding cake knife and server from a ornate silver-plated EPNS tray and twisted heavy gauge copper wire. As is often the case with me I decided to make two sets just to ensure that there was a high quality one to deliver. I decided to differentiate between the two sets by adding brass handles to the second one.

Anyway the process started with marking up and cutting up a 30cm 'round' silver-plated tray - this way I can get the most out of a tray. Of course there are a few off cuts that well become leaf forms and other things.

©2016 Barry Smith - Marked up tay
©2016 Barry Smith - Tray cut up on the guillotine
I twisted, hammered, bent and drilled the cut pieces and heavy gauge wire; and they were ready for grinding and polishing.

©2016 Barry Smith - Components of the two cake knives and servers
And then all the bits were brought together through the riveting process. I think both sets have turned out well - so options exist for the client. The knives are about 30cm long including the handle; and the servers are between 23cm and 25cm long.

©2016 Barry Smith - Set of wedding cake knife and server with copper twisted handles
©2016 Barry Smith - Set of wedding cake knife and server with brass twisted handles
©2016 Barry Smith - Two wedding cake servers - I incorporated some of the edge into the design
©2016 Barry Smith - Two wedding cake knives
Hopefully a set will be packed and posted early next week. Then I will get back on to the small sculptures.


  1. Really beautiful, B! And seeing how they evolved is magical and inspiring!

  2. I agree with Carol, she said it well.

  3. I really like the look of the brass handles.
    Sandy in the UK

  4. Hi C, P, R & S - thanks for checking out these new creations and for your valued comments. The brass handled set are already winging their way to the new owner. C & P - ass you know from past posts I tend to show the process as II enjoy chef king out how other people's work evolves. R - thanks. S - copper or brass is really a matter of taste as I found out over the knife and cake server - the person commissioned copper but wanted brass; and another person was very relieved the brass set had gone as they wanted the copper set. All - go well. B


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