Sunday, March 6, 2016

Art on the surface in the city

Fiona and I have just returned to the mountain after a few days in Melbourne for work-work. We did manage walk to and from our accommodation a work - so got to see a few sights on the way; and on Saturday we spent a few hours wandering Fitzroy.

In cities I love being able to enjoy the incidental nature of coming across both public art; and some of the feral art such as yarn bombing; some graffiti art; and the odd feral installation.

Fiona and I loved how the rain drops hung on a cluster of large stainless steel pebbles.

©2016 Barry Smith - Large stainless steel pebble with rain and reflected light
©2016 Barry Smith - Detail of droplets on stainless steel pebble
©2016 Barry Smith - Stainless steel, droplets and reflected light
And an avenue of yarn bombed trees.

Some of the lane way and carpark graffiti.

©2016 Barry Smith - Couple of dodgy characters about to surprise Fiona?
©2016 Barry Smith - Immersed in the art of the alleyway
©2016 Barry Smith - Wall art versus tag art?
And a curious little ceramic installation on a ledge of a disused garden bed - seen out of the corner of one's eye - we almost walked by.

©2016 Barry Smith - Curious little installation from days gone by
Some areas in cities have such a vibrant spirit - Fitroy seems to be one of the 'homes' of graffiti art - some of it very good and some not so good and some just vandalised by mindless tags.


  1. Great street art. So colorful.
    I especially love the knit-wrapped trees.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love those characters about to surprise Fiona! Some wonderful street art there in Fitzroy and the decorated trees are such fun. Good you can combine such delights with your work-work.

  3. Hi R & C - long time no response - so thanks for enjoying my little exposure to the surface of parts of Melbourne streets. R - the yarn bombing is a joyful hoot,. C - those characters certainly made me smile. Peace. B


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