Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Great vibrations, silver moon and other morning matters

©2016 Barry Smith - Vibrations on a tiny fine web
Okay this post is not about sound - part of the title of the post came to me as I looked at the above image. I was down on the terraces taking a couple of photos of our Camellias which over the last week have just gone ballistic again - we have about 50 bushes so you can imagine the amount a blossom developing and also petals falling to the ground.

Whilst taking a photo of the whitish Camellia I noticed a tiny spider's web in the background. There was a a slight breeze so the web was being bowed by the breeze as you can see from the photo below. A couple of the shots I took captured not only the bowing but also the vibration of the web - bit of a headache for the tiny spider (only 2-3mm)  at the centre.

©2016 Barry Smith - Breeze bowed web
Bees of course are not to be outdone by the spiders.

©2016 Barry Smith - Not easy to access the nectar
And yes the Camellias are in fine bloom

©2016 Barry Smith
©2016 Barry Smith
©2016 Barry Smith
White out kind of Monday; and a peach Wednesday.

©2016 Barry Smith - Mist filled valley
©2016 Barry Smith - Flood of morning light
And a bit of blue moon

©2016 Barry Smith - A distant moon (iPhone)
©2016 Barry Smith  - Silver moon in a blue morning sky (Canon Powershot)
©2016 Barry Smith  - Silver moon in a blue morning sky (Canon Powershot)
Talk about a mish-mash kind of post


  1. Your photos never fail to amaze! All of these pictures are beautiful but those spiderweb shots are extraordinary. Lovely eye candy to enjoy with my morning coffee. Thank you!

  2. Pure magic, in the spiderwebs pics. How beautiful! As are all the photos, but I keep returning to the cobwebs.

  3. Hi AA n C - belatedly responding to your gracious comments has given me the opportunity to remind myself I'd Autumn flowers etc on the block. Spring in the islands of Scotland is only just beginning and some days there is still a dusting of snow on the hills. Thanks for continuing to check out my blog. Go well, be well and create well. B


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