Friday, April 1, 2016

Birthday earrings and preparing wood

Just a tiny post on a couple of small tasks I did during the week.

First was to make Fiona a set of up cycled aluminium earrings for her birthday - well two pair - we all need a choice.

©2016 Barry Smith - Light earrings - recycled anodised and brushed aluminium - biggest disk is about 25mm
©2016 Barry Smith - Light earrings - recycled anodised and brushed aluminium
©2016 Barry Smith - Recycled anodised and brushed aluminium
And I have been ripping more wood on the band saw again  - preparation for making a few cheese boards out of salvaged Hairy Oak for and artist friend.

©2016 Barry Smith - Stack of Hairy Oak squares
©2016 Barry Smith - End grain
I thought cutting the timber would give it a few weeks to dry out; including the glue I need to put into cracks to stop the timber from breaking.


  1. Lucky girl, they look lovely.

  2. Fiona's earrings look great! And that Hairy Oak is absolutely beautiful. It will make sumptuous cheese boards.

  3. Hi C and P - so long ago since you left your comments which are appreciated - as you might know we are on the road around the islands of Scotland - sometimes it makes it a bit hard to do blog posts or respond to comments. Posts will just be aspects of what we see - no anility to create. Go well. B


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