Thursday, April 21, 2016

Marks of makers and others

Marks - Ogham on a spinning  whorl.

When on Orkney Fiona and I visited St Magnus's cathedral. Whilst impressed with the size and architecture of the building what also caught our eyes were the registered marks that the stone masons had carved into a couple of the columns to register the fact that they had carried out the stone work. A few of the makers' marks .....

But of course over the centuries vandals need to leave their marks - as you can see these were happening in 1771 and earlier in St David's cathedral in Wales.

Funny how we excuse some vandals such as the person who wrote in Ogham on a windowsill in a church in Nevern in Wales.


  1. Just so enjoying your trip, B & F. I think it's the details you photograph that rarely appear in photos, like these wonderful marks. Many thanks.

  2. AA & C - thanks for checking out the post and leaving a comment. Many fascinating things we have seen; and only a few fragments shared - but best that way - don't want to bore folk. Go well. B


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