Saturday, April 23, 2016

Surprised by fragments of Spring

Fiona and I have been wandering the highways and byways of Scotland and Wales for three weeks now. We were told it is Spring. Given that we have been blown on, snowed on, rained on, hailed on and sleeted on we have at times not been convinced. But the small touches of colour and growth not only make one smile but also make one realise that nature is doing its best to mov from winter to spring. A few photos of signs of Spring that have caught my eye.

In their own way they look like photos from my morning walks.


  1. How lovely to be somewhere that actually gives hints of Spring. And how pretty it is, too.

    1. Hi C - thanks for following me on the trip. It has offered the opportunity to experience many things large and small; but as you know the small details often draw me in. Go well. B


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