Thursday, April 7, 2016

The colour and texture of old boats

Fiona and I have been on the island of Mull for a couple of days. It is a place of water - sea, streams and lochs. So not surprising boats play a very important role. 

They sit at anchor in small bays.

They are stranded out of water by the tide.

They are left to rot in piles.

And in their decay there is such beauty.

One has to love they weathering and aging of the paint, the copper nails and rivets and of course the rust. 


  1. That big sigh you heard is me after viewing both your posts. Heavenly. Thanks for sharing your photos and taking us along with you. Enjoy!

  2. Wonderful images, so were Fiona's lucky people.

  3. Hi J, JM and D - glad you all enjoyed the detail as much as Fiona and I. Funny how the abandoned boat is beautiful in its own right - but the patina and layers are like art magnets drawing one's eyes in. Go well. B

  4. Magical photos from this beautiful place. Breathtaking. Thanks, Barry!

    1. Hi C - sometimes we just find ourselves in the right place. Go well. B


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