Friday, April 29, 2016

Spheres and gears

One's eyes are often drawn to those elements that make up part of our art practice - so it comes as no surprise that my eyes would be drawn to stones and metal spheres such as those below. These were part of a sculpture installation out the front of the Sheraton hotel in Edinburgh - we walked by to our much more modest digs.

The gears and shiny things were seen in the Scottish National Museum in Edinburgh. They are part of a Corliss steam engine. They of course had a link to my Artisan Lamps.

The overseas sojourn has now come to an end so future blog posts will be from our mountain top. Much was seen and enjoyed; and much inspiration and energy will be taken home.


  1. Thanks for sharing all this fabulous work.
    How beautiful.

  2. you must be happily exhausted after such a big trip! the postcards from abroad have been enticing.

  3. Your photos of this trip have been beautiful and inspiring. Thank you so much, Barry and Fiona.

  4. R, V & C - sorry for my tardiness in recognising your comments - as you know I appreciate them even if it takes me a while to respond. R - so easy to share when there is beauty to capture and share. V - it was a big trip but refreshing in its own way. Glad you liked the blog postcards. C - glad you liked - it is good to share some journeys with one's communities. Go well. B


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