Thursday, April 14, 2016

About the light

We have only been in Scotland for a short time but long enough to understand the importance and differences of light.

A couple of days ago this was reinforced by a Scottish photographic artist who said she did not fully appreciate big light until she visited Australia. However I think everywhere we experience small passing expressions of light. This post shares a few experiences of light ...

Light accentuating corners of buildings.

Flooding through windows.

Highlighting tombs and crumbling structures.

Reflecting on water.

Filling the landscape.


  1. interesting Barry, we live, or I live in a land of harsh light, certainly different in Scotland.

  2. Such changing light is glorious. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Beautiful images, Barry. Love the first reflecting on water image - very painterly! Looks like a lovely journey you are having.

  4. Breathtaking, B, especially those photos of the stained glass window and the rocky steps and tombs. Just a magical trip - thank you for sharing...

  5. P, J, VA and C - hi folks - thanks for checking out the post and leaving your comments. P - whilst I have enjoyed the soft light I do prefer our sting invigorating light. J - always glad we can share in our blog community. VA - much like the light in your forest at times - light I enjoy in your watercolours. C - isn't it strange where we notice the light - such different settings but there to be experienced. All - enjoy light and life. B


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