Sunday, April 10, 2016

Stone marks

Scotland seems to be a place of water and stone - there is such history around waves of people reaching its shores. But there is also such history in the marks folk have made on stone; or how they used stone to create safe and sacred places.

Fiona and I have experienced many such places over the last week - of course we seek them out. Whilst I could share many photos of standing stones and stone circles such as the Callanish stones below; it can be the carving that gives meaning; or just the particular type of stone; or placing of stones that give meaning.

Callanish stones

Marked - carved stone - Iona

Stone chosen for its texture and inclusions - Callanish and Lochbuie stone

Handheld stone

All this stone is of nature but given meaning and purpose by folk.


  1. stone stairs here (i think) are magnificent!

  2. Hi V - the stone and subdued light are a good combination. B

  3. So impressive! I'm just reading the Lewis Trilogy by Peter May (hope I've got that right) and I'm finding the islands fascinating. What a wonderful trip! Go well, you two.

  4. Hi C - read one of his books whilst over here - gives a different take on the landscape. Go well. B

  5. Ahhh, stones. Thanks for the closeups of these, I can feel them with my eyes. I know I need to travel to the standing stones, to feel them and connect with the texture and weight of my ancestors from these lands.


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