Sunday, March 20, 2016

Peaks complete

©2016 Barry Smith - Cropped view of 7 peaks
I got a good solid run on my two tabletop sculptures over the weekend. I can now say they are complete and in time ready for public outings.

Of course there was more cutting of templates and metal; sanding of bases to ensure they would stand unassisted; and final oil and polish.

©2016 Barry Smith - Bits of metal and paper from creating templates and metal wraps.
©2016 Barry Smith _ Long strips of 8 and 120 grit sandpaper on the workbench
Couple of views of the 7 peak sculpture (just over 1m long) - one piece with seven parts.

©2016 Barry Smith - Seven peaks on hallway table
©2016 Barry Smith - Seven peaks on dining table
And a couple of the 5 peak piece - again one sculpture with 5 parts.

©2016 Barry Smith - Five peaks on hallway table
©2016 Barry Smith - Five peaks on hallway table
I must say that it is good to have another artist with a critical eye and sense of design, Fiona, to talk through set out of the elements of each sculpture - getting the angles, spacing and heights right is important. I have numbered each of the mountain forms and indicated which direction they need to be set out. I have also taken a topdown photo to show the set out.

Now I need to do paper work and packing for each of the sculptures.


  1. Just what I've been waiting for! Beautiful table top sculptures! Love the combination of metal and wood.

  2. I've so enjoyed watching your process as you created the peaks. Such a simple, yet powerful shape cut out of a beautiful wood. And what is it about the pairing of wood and metal that is so appealing and begs one to run their hands across the surfaces in order to learn their stories?

    Just beautiful!

  3. Very tactile, Barry, and such beautiful shapes. Just as wonderful as I expected them to be...

  4. I agree with Jennifer! I would love to run my hands over the surface.
    Sandy in the UK


  5. Dignity has been included in your craft.

  6. Hi R, J, C, S & Ruma - sorry for being slow to say thanks for your visit and positive comments. I think we have been a bit too engaged with the reworking of the websites. R - table tops sculptures - lovely way to bring 3d into the living space. J, C & S- thanks for such positive reaction - and you are right the pieces are made to be handled - quite sensuous. Ruma - what a beautiful word - dignity. All - peace and joy. B


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