Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Seriously wet

This week has been pretty much like last week weatherwise - lots of misty mornings and evenings; and lots of short sharp rain showers.

I did manage to walk today (Wednesday) between showers. The theme of this blog post is definitely water related: fungi holding water; droplets; birds bomb diving in the mist; and misty vistas.

Fungi - mainly small and delicate

©2016 Barry Smith - A cascade of blue-grey decay?
©2016 Barry Smith - Tiny fungi forms - 1cm in diameter
©2016 Barry Smith - My favourite delicate white
©2016 Barry Smith - A battle for space - maybe that is why they are called blades of grass?
©2016 Barry Smith - Delicately holding water
Droplets on flowers and webs

©2016 Barry Smith - Droplets on spider's web reflecting the grey mist
©2016 Barry Smith - Just hanging in there - about to burst
©2016 Barry Smith - Even droplets on Morning Glory can be beautiful
©2016 Barry Smith - Droplets on a ragged red rose petal
Birds bomb diving - great silhouettes

©2016 Barry Smith - Native Mynah harasses a Magpie
One can't see the valley for the mist - but a soft beauty

©2016 Barry Smith - Looking to the valley below
©2016 Barry Smith - Walking Treehaven Way
There is always beauty - even if it is a little uncomfortable.


  1. Like those first fungi photos. Have you grown webbed feet yet?

    1. Hi P - no web feet but we are on mould lookout. B

  2. "Droplets on spider's web reflecting the grey mist" is a stunning photo Barry!

  3. That spider web...sublime. And then the fog. Exquisite.

  4. So many favourites, Barry! One tiny masterpiece after another. But the spider's web - just stunning.

  5. MC, J & C - neglected but still appreciated - I have finally got around to saying thanks for starting my love of droplet, the mist and the webs - nature surely makes some magic - glad we can have open eyes to take it in; and be willing to see the beauty in the small details. All - go well. B


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