Sunday, July 3, 2016

Art is all around us

I was facilitating a couple of workshops in Melbourne last week (work-work); and I heard myself saying that how the world looks can often depend on the lens we look at it through. If your into the landscape and green that is what draws the eye. If you are into art, texture, layers etc then that draws the eye.

So it is not strange that even though the trip was hectic my eye was drawn to some of the design features in my room including a photo of a tram that had been blown up and stencilled onto the wall.

©2016 Barry Smith - Detail of trams wires stencilled on room wall
©2016 Barry Smith - Detail of the side of a tram stencilled on the room wall
The lights in the cityscape from the comfort and warmth of my room.

©2016 Barry Smith - Bridge lights and moon
©2016 Barry Smith - Wet sculpture forum
©2016 Barry Smith - Circles of blue
©2016 Barry Smith - Circles of blue - blurred
And some sculptures in the surrounding walking areas.

©2016 Barry Smith - Spiral in the sculpture forum
©2016 Barry Smith - Concrete forms - negative space and colour
©2016 Barry Smith - Concrete form - negative space and colour

 All part of a rich art life.

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  1. Art is everywhere you look, as long as your eyes (and heart) are tuned in. As are yours, Barry.


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