Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Things that catch one's eye

At times photographs fall into natural themes and groups; and whilst there are a couple of small groupings in this post - the post is mainly an overview of some of the things that caught my eye during the week. All photos taken with the iPhone excepted where stated.

Such as half a moon setting in a navy sky.

©2016 Barry Smith - Silver moon in a navy morning sky (Canon Powershot)
Power poles

©2016 Barry Smith - A tangle of power - Treehaven Way
©2016 Barry Smith - The power of the sun and power pole - can't compare
Birds (and power poles?)

©2016 Barry Smith - Magpie family on powerlines at the top of our drive
©2016 Barry Smith - Swallows on the TV antennae 
©2016 Barry Smith - Swallow on the TV antennae (Canon Powershot)
Refracted light

©2016 Barry Smith - Once again - strong redacted light on the stone kitchen bench
Dark morning light - still quiet dark when I start the morning walk

©2016 Barry Smith - Silhouettes and a blush of morning light
©2016 Barry Smith - City lights and the coming of morning light
And morning light imitating a sunset

©2016 Barry Smith - A riot of morning colour and light across the valley
©2016 Barry Smith - Dark and light
Oh - and a hare on the way home this morning

©2016 Barry Smith
All make me smile.

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  1. Oh, that morning light panorama! Sigh... And you have hares! Even bigger sigh... Just wonderful photos, B.


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