Friday, July 15, 2016

Beginnings and endings

A day full of art - but just so varied.

2016 Barry Smith - Transforming the concept sketch to production drawings - love my pencil
Most of the day was spent doing detailed drawings of a planned public sculpture. I had submitted a concept drawing for the sculpture and was selected to do further development. The plan being that the additional development work will lead to funding and then fabrication and installation - it will all take time. The sculpture is a stylistic representation of a buttress root of a large tree. The piece of work will be about 3.5m long and 2.1m high. Made from three 10mm brushed aluminium metal sheets (1.2mX2.4m).

As you can compare the photo below and the one above, you can see that the concept drawing did not have the technical measurements and engineering proposal required for the next step - so some careful calculations. I have discussed the drawings with the fabricators and engineers - so it is all looking doable. Detailed drawings now complete.

©2016 Barry Smith - Three sets of drawings for fabrication and installation
Today saw an ending but a joyous one - Lorraine who commissioned me to turn a few family trays into smaller pieces for the family came to collect the work. She was delighted; and commissioned a couple of other small bits.

©2016 Barry Smith - Lorraine's stash
On another ending note - yesterday I went to Redcliffe to pick up my work (including Artisan Lamps and watch part jewellery) from Jo St Baker's Studio-Gallery. Jo has decided to close the gallery part of her space - so I decided to bring my work home and work it out from there. Thanks Jo for carrying and promoting my work. Maybe the pieces will join my other work in Entangle gallery-shop.

©2016 Barry Smith - Lamps and other works return to the mountain.
And the big stash of stuff below has much potential for other creations - so another beginning. I gave a friend, who is moving house soon, a bit of a hand to clean out part of her shed. In return I got to cart away some useful bits. I spent this afternoon sorting out the useful from not so useful; and also a pile that can go to another friend. I'm always amazed how things can move around and be given a new life. The photos below show about half the stash - took a bit of sorting.

The dark has come in, it is raining and a thick mist also shrouds our mountain - so I think it is time to bunker down and drink a warming glass of red.


  1. rather exhausting just reading all of this! wow, barry, you are really busy and doing some great stuff. congratulations on the big piece.

  2. V - sometimes I think I exhaust myself think back on things - but it did not seem so crazy at the time. Thanks for your support regarding the big work. It will be a great sculpture, poetry and environmental reminder if it comes off. Go well. B


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