Sunday, July 24, 2016

More metal

©2016 Barry Smith - Love, hope and peace - on the workbench
I had a couple of jobs to do that involved using my guillotine to cut up recycled metal objects - a stainless steel stove range hood flue and a chrome over brass serving tray. But I thought while I was at it I might as well cut up other silver-plated trays and round placemats for other tasks I have on my mental list.

First the chrome over brass job - making small leaf forms to be handed out to family members to mark the anniversary of the death of a parent.

©2016 Barry Smith - Twenty pieces of cut and folded chrome over brass metal
©2016 Barry Smith - Twenty stamped leaf forms - formerly part of a serving tray
And then the stainless steel flue - creating covers for the signage posts for the Peace in the Trees Sculptural walk - to protect the wood from the damage of rain getting into the end grain of the posts.

©2016 Barry Smith - SS flue - cut and drilled
©2016 Barry Smith - Thirteen folded and polished SS post caps
©2016 Barry Smith - SS post cap - screwed into place
And then select piles of silver-plated EPNS for: Leaf Spoons; Peace Leaves for sale; small peace leaves for giveaway; Daily Word Leaves; and giveaway inspirational words.

©2016 Barry Smith - Twenty-one fine silver-plated pieces (7.5cm X 2cm) for Daily Word Leaves
©2016 Barry Smith - Six fine pieces of silver plated EPNS for Peace Leaves (about 2.5cm X 15cm)
©2016 Barry Smith - About 30 odds and sods of silver-plated EPNS for giveaway peace leaves
©2016 Barry Smith - About 20 rectangles of silver-plated EPNS for giveaway stamped inspirational bits
©2016 Barry Smith - Seven pieces of Silver-plated EPNS for Leafspoon (about 2.5cm X16-17cm)
And left over is the pile of hard to use bits which will be cut into much smaller pieces for smelting.

©2016 Barry Smith - To be cut up for smelting
A good cutting and recycling episode.


  1. it never ceases to surprise me how much you coax from excess metals.


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