Friday, July 8, 2016

Treasure transition

©2016 Barry Smith - Hammermarks - backs of ladle bowls
I have been commissioned to transform a couple family treasures; and turn them into smaller treasures that can be shared between siblings.

I was asked to take a largish chrome plated brass serving tray and a covered silver-plated rectangular food serving dish and make: a couple of small bowls; a couple of Leafspoons; three small ladles; and a cake server. Of course as part of the process I tend to toss a couple of extras in to give choice.

The pieces I was given to transform

©2016 Barry Smith
Pieces after dismantling handles etc; and first cut to take off curved etc edges.

©2016 Barry Smith
Marking up the metal to get maximum usage.

©2016 Barry Smith
Pieces for forming after first cut.

©2016 Barry Smith
And how the pieces have turned out so far after: hammering, fold forming, bending, grinding and polishing. Sorry about the reflections in the photos - taken on the garage-studio floor under  florescent lights and red standby light on the garage door opener.

©2016 Barry Smith - Cake trowel blades - one silver-plated EPNS and one chrome over brass with lightly engraved design
©2016 Barry Smith  - Small bowls (about 11cm) made from serving tray (chrome over brass with light engraved design)
©2016 Barry Smith - Another photo  of back of ladle bowls 
©2016 Barry Smith - Leafspoons made from chrome over brass tray - lightly engraved design
©2016 Barry Smith - The stash of pieces - looks quite different from the original trays in the earlier photos 
On Sunday I hope to make and add handles.


  1. Wonderful legacy to the owner/s of these pieces. Beautiful work Barry. Thank you for sharing the joy of metal reuse.

  2. Such a thoughtful repurposing ...

  3. K, R & L - good to see that there are others out there who love the art of repurposing. Go well. B


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