Sunday, July 31, 2016

More fragments of my art

Some of our creative time goes into many small tasks. For me this has included: testing out some different resin; making a single flying Funky Fish; and making leaf forms for different people and purposes.

The resin is to be used for a children's environmental awareness workshop in November. Whilst the resin worked well and fast it failed the toxic fume test as far as I'm concerned.

©2016 Barry Smith - Used batteries set in resin
©2016 Barry Smith - Batteries and resin in milk bottle mould
©2016 Barry Smith - Batteries and resin to of the mould
The Funky Fish looks good on its rough saw block of Hairy Oak and brass rod - it is going to a good home during the week.

©2016 Barry Smith - Single flying Funky Fish
©2016 Barry Smith - Funky Fish on brass rod
And the different leaves for different purposes.

©2016 Barry Smith - A wedding leaf
©2016 Barry Smith - Personalised peace leaf
©2016 Barry Smith - A trio of peace leaves
©2016 Barry Smith - A trio of ornamental leaves
Though there is a degree of repetition in the creations there is also a bit of variety.


  1. the fish is wonderful! resins are tricky. the only one i feel comfortable using is ice resin - but for large products would get very expensive. good luck finding one that meets your needs.

  2. P & MJ - thank you for you comments. P & MJ - the fish has a new home - with R McK now - thought I could offer something to repay her generosity. MJ - I usually use an equivalent of Ice - was testing to see if I could buy a cheaper product as I will need to use about 4l of resin over two days of workshops. Peace to both of you. B

  3. Your funky fish is great! I'm so pleased it has gone to such a good home.


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