Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The little things

The theme of this blog post is the little things that are there for us to see.

Like this little sparrow on the rim of a saucer in a coffee shop in Melbourne.

©2016 Barry Smith - A sparrow and the word little on a stoneware saucer
A little green frog on the rim of our rubbish bin - seen when putting rose pruning into the bin

©2016 Barry Smith - Tiny (about 2cm long) green frog
Little clouds catching the setting sun.

©2016 Barry Smith - Cloud fragments catching golden light
Nectarine and wattle flowers - small, delicate - pale pink and yellow tones

©2016 Barry Smith - Delicate new growth
©2016 Barry Smith - Cascades of Wattle blossom
Droplets on flowers after rain.

©2016 Barry Smith - Miniature orchid at G's place

A slender slice of light in the morning

©2016 Barry Smith - The valleys is still dark in the early mornings
This afternoon's sun lighting up a dead bush and contrasting with the other bushes just outside our bottom fence line

©2016 Barry Smith - Burning bush?
The little natural things.


  1. Beautiful post.
    I agree . . . it's the little things
    that make all the difference.

  2. always beautiful and meaningful. and reminders to be awake and aware.

  3. Hi there R, P & MJ - thank you for checking out my random photos and observations. R - I know you see these little things as well. P - your beach walks offer many small and delightful moments. MJ - it can be hard to go through the world mindfully and notice what is on offer. All go well and be peace. B

  4. Just so beautiful, B! We must always take time for the little things.


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