Friday, August 12, 2016

The magic of molten metal

I spent this morning melting 2.5 kg of small scraps silver-plated EPNS and Silver-plated copper. I thought I would share the some photos of the outcome today (cleaned and polished); and share some of the process photos on Sunday.  I had a helping hand today from Gary - very useful when one is trying to pour molten metal and keep the gas torch directed onto the opening of the crucible to keep it all flowing.

The photos look ok but were taken in a rush - don't quite do justice to the textured nature off the pieces and the beauty of the metal - though I do like the Fire Within series.

©2016 Barry Smith - Almost white hot metal - 1100 degrees celsius.
©2016 Barry Smith - Silver-plated brass metal heart on rust
©2016 Barry Smith - Call these Fire within
©2016 Barry Smith - You can see the fire colour that burnt onto the top layer of metal
©2016 Barry Smith - Another example Fire Within
©2016 Barry Smith - A trio of metal hearts
©2016 Barry Smith - Metal heart - silver pinkish as a result of melting silver-plated copper scraps
©2016 Barry Smith - Call these Fire within
©2016 Barry Smith - View of the underside of the pyramids
©2016 Barry Smith - Call these Fire within
©2016 Barry Smith 
©2016 Barry Smith - Bits and pieces
©2016 Barry Smith - Made in brass chocolate mould 
It is Friday night so I think I will head to the kitchen to make a pizza and drink a glass of red.


  1. Beautiful process.
    Each step is so interesting.
    Nice work.

  2. i love that first photo so much! the alchemy here...

  3. I have an inkling of what you do because I often help pour molten lead into moulds when Martin makes sinkers for fishing. He dropped hot lead into his sheep skin slipper (with his foot in it) thus began my helping him.

  4. R, V & R - thanks heaps for checking out this bit of fun. R - a simple but cautious process. V - love the sake and fumes - always good to work outside with lots of clear air. R - had to laugh in a choking way about your husband and molten metal in his slipper. Lots of precautions taken on the mountain - and always good to have va sensible offsider. All - go well. B

  5. So beautiful, Barry! And I do feel for R's husband - that must have been a scary moment...


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