Friday, August 19, 2016

A light challenge

©2016 Barry Smith - Crystal light refraction
A couple of artist friends (Christine and Noela) gave me the challenge of turning a leadlight glass suspended light shade and a large a fire hose nozzle into an Artisan Lamp for Christine.

 I knew I would need to add a couple more pieces to get the height for the lamp - I added a solid steel slip bearing (nice pink and green) and a block of very old and very dark  timber. Fiona thought the slip bearing would work well as it's colours would tone in with the leadlight glass shade. We tested a mock up below.

©2016 Barry Smith - Mock up of the lamp
One of the challenges was to create a bracket that would convert the shade from a hanging arrangement to a supported arrangement. I started by cutting and drilling a piece of 2mm thick brass plate I ha; drilling it so that the centre pipe could be firmly bolted on; and then forming it to fit the hanging cross braces of the shade.

©2016 Barry Smith - Rough cut brass plated  - drilled and bolted
©2016 Barry Smith - Brass plate - polished and bent to shape
The bracket bolted in place; and with the piece of threaded brass coated steel pipe I was using to run through the nozzle into the timber attached.

©2016 Barry Smith - Brass bracket bolted in place with small stainless steel bolts
©2016 Barry Smith - Centre pipe bolted to the bracket before threading through the nozzle and into the timber
I had to widen the nozzle outlet to allow the centre pipe to be threaded through. It all came together; and then it was taken apart again for polishing and reassembling. The electric cable was threaded through the side of the block; up through the pipe; in and out of holes drilled into the new brass support bracket; and finally into the light fitting - whew!!!

©2016 Barry Smith - Artisan Lamp with pumpkin etc
And then there was light.

©2016 Barry Smith - I turned it on outside to be on the safe side - note the cable going up the outside of the bracket.
©2016 Barry Smith - The leadlight shade and it's crystals need a little clean!!!
©2016 Barry Smith - Artisan Lamp - alfresco - bit dark in the shade for photographing
The light was delivered to Christine today and temporarily sits on a corner table.

©2016 Barry Smith - Looking good in it's new home.
So challenge accepted; and outcome achieved.


  1. Lovely lamp. Glad it worked out well.

  2. Stunning! Just simply stunning!

  3. barry, this is a real testament to your skill, knowledge and craftsmanship. what a beautiful piece -

  4. P, J, MJ & V - hi folk - thanks for checking out Christine's lamp and for your positive comments. P - I also relieved it worked out well. J - stunning - like that. MJ - not always sure my skills will be up to it - but it worked well. V - a bit different to my usual Artisan Lamp given the headlight shade. All - go well & peace. B

  5. Wonderful job, B, I'm sure Christine is delighted. I loved seeing your process photos - inspirational, as they always are. A stunning table lamp!


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