Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The usual impacts of grey skies

We are still officially in winter so I should not be surprised that there are grey skies when we wake early.

The moon setting in grey sky can produce some unusual colours - I love how the background to the moon almost becomes purple or grey-purple.

©2016 Barry Smith - Pastel  moonset
©2016 Barry Smith - Contrast strengthens as the moon gets closer to the horizon and as I zoom in
©2016 Barry Smith - A pale gold moon in a purple sky - impact of zoom?
The grey sky also impacts on the final stages of the moonset - the moon just seems to fade away.

©2016 Barry Smith - A fading morning moon
©2016 Barry Smith - A fading morning moon - sinking
The valley this morning was full of rushing clouds.

The sky over Treehaven Way was pale grey-blue which made for some nice wire and bird on the wire contrasts.

There are signs of spring - new flowers are beginning to appear.

©2016 Barry Smith - Nectar feeders had chewed these blooms off - they were scattered on the ground (weeds) below
Good that when I begin my walks the sun is now up - a real bonus.


  1. Lovely photos, we have been having very cold morning gs with light frosts, so I am starting my mornings a bit later.

  2. Your moon photos are so lovely! And you manage to turn power lines into modern art! Just beautiful, Barry.

  3. J, V, P & C - glad there is mutual enjoyment of the moon. J - heavenly indeed. V - so many communities we can belong to!! P - and it is supposed to be heading into spring - certainly has been an unusual year weather wise. C - had to smile about your comment on the powerlines - funny the stuff that can catch one's eye. Go well. B


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