Sunday, August 14, 2016

Piano sculture and melting process

On Friday I helped friends transport and install Steph's recycled piano frame as a sculpture in their landscape - looks good with the pond and trees as a backdrop.

I'm having problems with blogger; so I will just let the melting process images do their own talking - if I can get them to come across - already failed a few times.

Over the weekend I made quite a bit of headway on a larger Artisan Lamp for an artist friend; and did a couple of metal maquettes for a possible future commission. Always something to keep me busy on the mountain.


  1. Looks like scary stuff, all that melting.

  2. Hi P - scary but heaps of fun - you could come and try it. B

  3. Oh, I'd love that piano sculpture in my garden... Your molten metal photos are fascinating. I can imagine the heat. Great stuff, Barry.

    1. C - you to can have a piano sculpture - so many go to the tip. Certainly intense heat - but I love the small treasures that come out of the process. Peace. B


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