Friday, August 5, 2016

Generosity of spirit

Random acts of generosity and kindness are just the best thing - they create such joy and build relationships.

©2016 Barry Smith- A ornate brass door handle
Recently I had an email from a person (R McK) who reads my blog. She offered me the opportunity to go through the contents of her late husband's shed; and select stuff that I could use in my work. He had collected quite a bit of stuff that he used in his own creations.

Yesterday Fiona and I made a 10 hour round road trip to visit R to select stuff I could use; and bring it home in the back of our car. R had even gone to the trouble of sorting stuff into categories of things she knew I would probably use - amazing. Photos of some of the stash we brought home follow:

©2016 Barry Smith - A box of copper soldering irons
©2016 Barry Smith - A box of copper soldering irons
©2016 Barry Smith - A stash of timber boxes 
©2016 Barry Smith - A box of tools  and useful stuff
©2016 Barry Smith - Another box of tools and interesting brass thingies
©2016 Barry Smith - Cogs and wheels
©2016 Barry Smith - Copper and silver-plated trays
©2016 Barry Smith - Brass moulds
©2016 Barry Smith - Cast iron cake moulds - moulds for molten metal?
©2016 Barry Smith - A box of copper soldering irons
©2016 Barry Smith - A box of brass taps
 I thank R for her generosity; and I salute F her husband for his legacy.  I have not had time to sort through the stuff yet - there are many things I will use; and things that will be shared with others. I am a very fortunate person.


  1. acts like that are so lovely. They give one a great lift. Good to know someone like you will use the materials and will tidy up and love the tools you got.

  2. What an inspiring treasure trove! It's heartwarming to see you being the recipient of such kindness and generosity knowing how many people have been touched by yours.

  3. What treasures!...and so generous. The fact that someone can look at random junk and think of you is rewarding in itself.

  4. What a stash of treasures you have to work with now. I'm sure you'll make good use of them.

  5. I knew the man who collected this stuff and it's absolutely fantastic to know it will be used in a way he would have loved. I look forward to seeing what you make.

  6. Hi I, AA & JM - thanks for checking out the generous stash and your confirmation about the beauty of generosity. I - I certainly will honour the giver and earlier collected by using band sharing the bits. AA - treasure trove indeed - I am touched by your comment. JM - had to laugh - folk look at random junk and think of me. All go well and may we continue to do and be recipients of random acts of kindness. B

  7. How wonderful, Barry, that this stash has found its way to you. You are always so generous, so this is the perfect, and very generous, gift for you. Some of those items are just stunning! Hmm, that first photo...


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