Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Like a suspended curtain of pink light

When we woke this morning the sky looked quite nondescript - a bit cloudy and grey. I thought I would be walking out into a winter type morning - but nature had other ideas. Over a period of about 15-20 minutes the sky turned pink with fragments of cloud suspended in the the sky.

©2016 Barry Smith - A pink curtain of cloud
©2016 Barry Smith 
And it didn't look too bad on Monday morning either.

©2016 Barry Smith
The light poured through the breaks in the cloud in the east as I walked Treehaven way.

©2016 Barry Smith 
And of course there are a few things that catch the eye as one walks along.

©2016 Barry Smith  - Moss against a soft grey section of the sky
©2016 Barry Smith  - The promise of even more colour
©2016 Barry Smith  - Bent but beautiful
©2016 Barry Smith  - Never give up?
©2016 Barry Smith  - The promise of an orange crop?
And strangely enough the sunlight was flooding in through the kitchen window as we prepared breakfast - lighting up the orchid on the sink and hypericum berries Fiona brought home from Melbourne so we can dry them and see if we can grow them

©2016 Barry Smith  - Jewel orchid given to us by Fiona's dad
©2016 Barry Smith  - Hypericum berries on the kitchen widow ledge
With starts to the day like that one has to kick into it with a smile.


  1. A smile indeed! Hard to imagine a more beautiful start to your day. Or ours! Many thanks again for brightening our mornings.

  2. Oh, those skies! Beautiful photos, Barry, and those hypericum berries look like jewels!

  3. Such beautiful skies, Barry. The hypericum berries look like jewels...

  4. Hi P, AA, & C - we are so fortunate to wake in the mornings and be able to greet the day; or rather have it greet us. Thanks for your visit and enjoyment of some of the images ion my neck of the globe. AA - glad they make you smile - you must be moving into winter and maybe snow time? C - the hypericum berries were so glossy - just lucky that the sun streamed in the window and made them glow. All - peace. B


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