Sunday, February 5, 2017

Hope and Peace giveaway

At the moment there is quite a bit of despairing sadness that seems to be swirling around all of us. I thought a hope and peace giveaway could just add a little to the ledger side of hope and peace.

So I have decided to have a giveaway of ten pendants - mainly resin and watch part pendants. The photos are not great - bit of a rush and only took one photo of each.

I will send a pendant to the first 10 folk who leave a brief hope and/or peace statement or saying on my blog (not Facebook). So go for it - send a bit go hope and peace out there by mindfully adding you hope and peace statement. If you are interested in a particular pendant just add the number to corresponding to the piece to your statement.

©2017 Barry Smith - 1. Cascade of hearts
©2017 Barry Smith  - 2. Pearls and bubbles
©2017 Barry Smith  - 3. Beauty of brass
©2017 Barry Smith  4. Molten
©2017 Barry Smith - 5. Holding water
©2017 Barry Smith - 6. Brass and resin
©2017 Barry Smith - 7. Looking through
©2017 Barry Smith 8. Wheels within
©2017 Barry Smith - 9. Buffalo horn
©2017 Barry Smith - 10. Time will tell
Thanks for adding your voice to hope and peace.


  1. Hope is a sentiment that seems to go with peace, but are we always hopeful that joy will follow?
    Love that first pendant. I am not sure if this a hopeful statement or not!

  2. We live in a colourful world. With an optimistic heart I will always hope for peace, tolerance, acceptance and celebration of our differences and diversity. Kim Hodge x

  3. Human acts of courage and selfless deeds supply what is needed at the time of crisis.... these gifts from the human heart are remembered and cherished and give us hope that we have not lost the ability to love greatly

  4. Give peace a chance- John Lennon

  5. We all need to embrace our oneness...we are all linked. Stop this madness throughout our world at each other...respect each other...see what would actually happen if you just stopped and opened your ❤️... you would find so much love. We all have something to share with the open to it. Thanks Barry for sharing all your love. SooZeQue

  6. Peace, hope, unity, acceptance, joy, love and laughter...sentiments that are very welcome and that help us feel whole and as being part of the whole world. I am continually thankful for knowing you and Fiona and having you both in my life. Numbers 1 and 9 wonderful. Enjoy!

  7. First of all Barry, thank you what you are doing here- easing the sorrows and fears by this wonderful offering of your art, your talent, your generosity. Hope comes in capital H and in smaller h and it is the smaller h that I am working with here in New Mexico. After firing off my postcards, emails, calling my Senators and Congressional Representative, I am turning to the local level, town hall meetings, school board elections.

    For me, Hope is standing up, not standing aside, nothing huge but simply the desire to connect in a way that helps to make us all one, one world, one planet, one people.

    The # 5 pendant, Holding Water, especially moves me as I think of the Water Holders at Standing Rock.

  8. The world's best hope for peace is that we find a way to love each other without pre-conditions.

    Time will tell (10)

  9. Be Brave Bear Witness and remember what Rebecca Solnit said about change always comes from the edges, make art, write, stand in the way of the bulldozers where necessary
    Souls on Deck
    we were made for these times

  10. My favourite peace sentiment comes from my past. To quote Jimi Hendrix...."When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace"

  11. With trauma entering the lives of people around the world and friends and family suffering life threatening illnesses, I can only hope and pray for peace, love and joy to bring some comfort into everyone's lives... please everyone, show some compassion ....
    I love the pendants that Barry has so willingly and graciously offered to share - Diane Somers Cook

  12. My hope is for the planet & those of us who live on it. We have enough strife without having to live without water, trees and animals. So I beg for world peace that will allow us to continue with repairing the damage to the Earth.

  13. Lovely idea, generous soul. Thank you for sending us thinking about this.

    1. Hi There could you send me your mailing address so I can send you a pendant. Cheers. Barry

  14. P, KH, MB, N, SZQ, JQ, M, LA, MC, JM, DSC, T & OS - Thanks to all of you who took the time to visit the blog but more so to leave a comment that in there own small ways will bring a little more hope and peace because they came from hearts and minds and were released. Released as small pebbles to create ripples. I know I said I would offer 10 pendants but given 13 folk added to global peace the least I can do is send another few pieces out into the world. I shall endeavour to get together all the addresses and get the pendants to you in the next few weeks. Hope, kindness, care and peace to you all. B

  15. Thank you Barry; the first ripple came from your generous offering.

  16. Barry, your generosity is amazing. You and Fiona are the epitome of peace, hope and love and it shines through all you do. I'm late coming to this post and I don't need a gift as I've been the recipient of your kindness often over the years. Go well...

  17. Hi C - thank you for your very generous words. May we continue to share hope and peace. B

  18. Barry - Thank you for this inspiration. I am thinking how I might "pay it forward" by adding my own bit to the ripples on the pond.

  19. Just thought I would add my thoughts even tho its past the 10 offered gifts:
    P for Peace, E for Empathy, A for Affection, C for Compassion and E for Everywhere (as it is so very well needed).


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