Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Colours of winter morning and droplets after rain and more

©2018 Barry Smith - Valley with cloud, colour and the moon on the right wanting to quietly set
The beautiful soft pinks and blues above are what tend to be emerging more regularly lately from the inky but beautiful dark pre-dawn of a winter morning. These photos were taken about 4-5 days ago.

©2018 Barry Smith - I love the deep colour of pre-dawn in winter - promises of colour and light with the moon s cool silver dot in the western sky.
A little more patience enable me to take a few morning and moon shots. Fiona and I were so mesmerised that we gave up our early morning exercise routine just to bathe ourselves in this beauty.

©2018 Barry Smith - Distorted iPhone telephoto shot of the moon - I love the frayed edges of the moon.
©2018 Barry Smith  - A different view of that moon through the telephoto lens of the Canon Powershot - zooming in means one loses the colour of the sky and the full focus is on the detail of the setting moon.
©2018 Barry Smith - But this is what it looked like before too much zoom took the colour.
©2018 Barry Smith - And as you can see it really was that graded colour - this was one of our most clear and colourful winter mornings with a setting moon.
The rain and a mild winter has also resulted in many opportunities to capture droplets on orchids and other delicate blossoms.

©2018 Barry Smith - Red crucifix orchid with web and droplets - sun rising
©2018 Barry Smith - White crucifix orchid with a thread of web and droplets - sun rising
©2018 Barry Smith - White crucifix orchid holding droplets - sun rising
©2018 Barry Smith -One of Graham's orchids in the orchid house after rain 
©2018 Barry Smith - Not and orchid - I love the strength of this violet with droplets - the power of the iPhone macro photo
This morning's light was dull on the walk so I spent a little time enjoying things on the block: a bird of peace in the peace tree; and some rust on the rust table.

©2018 Barry Smith - Bird of peace against a grey sky - with a hopeful band of light
©2018 Barry Smith - Rusted bicycle gears on the rust table
An abundance of bits and fragments to uplift me.


  1. Your landscapes appear more painterly than photographic ... I especially noted the blue floating below gauzy peach, mauve and rose layers. Such a contrast to the sharp colors and lines of the water-dropped flowers.

  2. love seeing your beautiful ever changing view


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