Sunday, July 8, 2018

Small metal books

©2018 Barry Smith - Reflections, shadows and rust - looking down on the three freestanding books - casting their own light and shadows in the sun
I have used a bit of the time over the weekend to progress the making of some small metal books inspired by Maleny Celebration of Books next weekend.

I planned to do: a couple of small (pages are 50mm high and 30mm wide) freestanding sculptural books; and a number of small (pages are 19mm high and 13mm wide) book earrings.

As you see from the photos below I managed to get the freestanding books completed.

©2018 Barry Smith - Opening pages of the small metal books in the vice with tap to protect the silver-plated metal
©2018 Barry Smith - Each metal book has its own content (word - in the car of these three shine, breathe and wonder)
©2018 Barry Smith - Shiny covers still in a need of a little cleaning to get rid of the marking used for opening the pages of the books
And I made a pair of the books for the book earrings. These are tiny siblings of the larger small metal book.

©2018 Barry Smith - Tiny earring books - with their own words (stamped with 1.5mm metal stamp)
©2018 Barry Smith - This photo shows just how tiny the books for the earrings are
I hope to get more of the book earrings done during the week and blog on that later.


  1. These are delightful. Suddenly we were near you, the funeral of a very dear friend (Rainbow Beach) last Thursday and now down staying with his sister on the Gold Coast,no time to see you but I did wave at the Maleny turn off. All very traumatic. Home on Wednesday.


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