Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Winter light, the moon and a bit of rust

©2018 Barry Smith - Smoke infused winter sunset
This morning Fiona said the idea of the shortest day of the year thing just gives us a false impression that the mornings are going to get lighter - and that is not true. But the fact is that my morning walk started in low light not darkness and by the time I got home there was a good blush of light and colour in the sky.

©2018 Barry Smith - Morning cloud and sculpture at the top of the driveway
©2018 Barry Smith - Morning star on my way up the driveway this morning
©2018 Barry Smith - Morning light in Treehaven Way
©2018 Barry Smith - The valley light before leaving home
©2018 Barry Smith  - The valley light arriving home home
Yesterday afternoon, last night and then early this morning I rejoiced in the moon - note the rotation of the moon from yesterday afternoon through to very early this morning

©2018 Barry Smith - Afternoon moon - yesterday
©2018 Barry Smith - Moon early last night
©2018 Barry Smith - Moon very easily this morning 
©2018 Barry Smith - Edge of the moon very early this morning 
And what is not to love about rust and rainbows.

©2018 Barry Smith - Light through there fruit bowl
©2018 Barry Smith - Rust on black plastic
©2018 Barry Smith - Rainbow on folded book and painting canvas


  1. Your layered light images are literally inspiring my stitches these days. Many thanks!!

  2. V and LA - thank you for you visit and comments. It is great to be able to share our places across such vast distances. V - I am learning to see more. LA - I love the thought that the layered light finds a place in your work - that is great. Peace. B


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