Sunday, July 29, 2018

Completing the sculpture bridge and beginning the installation

©2-18 Barry Smith - Offset bridge across the 'rock river' and standing stone in stalled
I managed to get a couple of morning over the weekend to work on the offset bridge across our rock river. Saturday's resulted in about two thirds of the decking was finished.

©2-18 Barry Smith - A third of the bridge decking to be added after Saturday's effort
On Sunday morning I completed it.

© 2018 Fiona Dempster - Screwing the last decking board in place
© 2018 Fiona Dempster - Barry hiding behind a bare maple - building a small rock retaining wall to allow a flat gravel stepping off point to be added
But whilst I worked on the bridge Fiona was cleaning off the sandstone  so we could install one piece.

© 2018 Fiona Dempster - The sandstone was really coated in a lot of crime and mould.
© 2018 Fiona Dempster - a contrast
© 2018 Fiona Dempster - Four slabs of sandstone showing their beautiful bands of colours - each piece is about 1m long, 30cm wide and 15cm thick - and heavy.
It was a two person job getting the block of sandstone down the sloe, along the terrace and then lowered onto the pad I had prepared earlier.

© 2018 Fiona Dempster - Sliding a cleaned sandstone slab down hill on a gravelled slope.
© 2018 Fiona Dempster - Trudging along one of the terraces with the slab on a trolley
Fiona was able to guide the angles and level from above.

© 2018 Fiona Dempster - Fiona gives instruction on the placement of the small sandstone standing stone - with the valley and mountains in the south-south west as a backdrop - our boundary ends at the corrugated iron fence
The outcome gave us great satisfaction - the sculptures and installations near and on the rock river are progressing as we envisioned them - still a few more bits of the jigsaw to be put in place.

© 2018 Fiona Dempster - Two bridges and three installations near the rock river - there are five terraces in the photo - we have quite a steep block.
There are three more pieces of sandstone to be installed as a group on the valley side of the bridge. But that is for a later time


  1. It is looking beautiful. I miss my standing stone back at the farm. But then I miss my garden.

  2. Doesn't it just look fabulous!??!?! Well done you!

  3. Wonderful work B and F ... couldn't help noticing the visual echoes between images of the planks on the the new bridge and the layers in the sandstone

  4. brilliant job & good on ya I haven't tried to move big stones for years!

  5. Hi P, F, LA and MC - you visit to the blog and comments are appreciated - thanks. P - I can imagine you missing your standing stone - they are both beautiful and powerful. F - great team effort. LA - you have a very good eye for the detail and meaning - the visual references were deliberate - good to have two people chipping in with ideas and designs. MC - thanks. The stones were offered to me because there were six and the person who did the original purchase only wanted two - but I knew they would come into their own - and yes heavy - only three more to move. Go well, B

  6. Wow. I'd love to walk through this space, it looks inviting from the photographs, which is pretty darn wonderful. Hard to make that happen through snapshots!

    1. Hi V - that would be a good thing one of these days when you visit Australia. B


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