Wednesday, July 11, 2018

So it is not spring yet

©2018 Barry Smith - Monday a blush of light in the east - cracking the dark - if you enlarge the photo up you can see the stars
I had a little moan to Fiona today about how it is still dark at 5.30am. She said that she did not think it was as dark as you think. She offered to open the window to enable me to see clearly. I declined the offer and thought I'd check when I went on my walk. But I think it was still pretty dark

©2018 Barry Smith - Wednesday morning - heavy layer of cloud
©2018 Barry Smith - Looking up in Treehaven Way - that is a real winter look.
However - the orchids, camellias and rainbows still offer colour.

©2018 Barry Smith - Tiny (1.5cm) orchid in Graham's orchid house
©2018 Barry Smith - Gorgeous orange crucifix orchids by the book wall
©2018 Barry Smith _ I never tire of the contrast of the white crucifix orchids against the dark morning background
©2018 Barry Smith - One of the final winter camellias
©2018 Barry Smith - Rainbow through the louvre windows on a tiny wood and paper sculpture by Ken Munsie

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  1. My eyes are eating up your skyscapes ... thank you!


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