Friday, July 6, 2018

Love the lustre of the metal in this trio

©2018 Barry Smith - A trio of Fungi Bowls - from a recycled silver-plated copper tray
I suspected that the metal I was using for a series of Fungi Bowls was going to be delightful to work with; and would result in a beautiful hammered surface and a glorious copper edge - I was a not disappointed.

I usually start making fungi bowls by cutting the 'circles' a bit on the wobbly side given fungi is not always perfect in its shapes. The cut shapes are made into rudimentary bowls by pressing them in a metal form with a hydraulic press.

©2018 Barry Smith - Ten pressed bowl forms
To give purchase in the subsequent hammering process I create a small indentation in the bowl form.

©2018 Barry Smith - Rudimentary bowl with indentation hammered into the centre
©2018 Barry Smith - Form for creating the indentation  - love the silver that has been building up over time
Then it is over to the left hand stake where I do a first round of hammering to raise the bowl into a tighter shaped vessel.

©2018 Barry Smith - Raising stakes and raising hammer
©2018 Barry Smith - Top bowl is tighter after a solid raising session
Then I use a finger shaped stake to systematically hammer the bowl into the conical shape.

©2018 Barry Smith - Noticeable difference after hammering on two different stakes using two different hammering patterns
I must be pretty consistent in my process and technique as the three fungi bowls come out fitting neatly inside each other.

©2018 Barry Smith - A trio of rough fungi bowls
After a grind and polish three beautiful vessels emerge.

©2018 Barry Smith - Beautiful silver and copper lustre
©2018 Barry Smith - Backs of the Fungi Bowls


  1. This is a truly stunning set of fungi bowls - so warm and glowing. Despite 'knowing' how you do this; I still look at all the bits and wonder how one earth it goes from this to that! Bravo.

  2. Really friendly bowls here, and i love seeing your tools, Barry. Having seen them I have more idea of the work and care you take when working out the shapes.

  3. these photographs convey your delight and respect for working good metal

  4. hmmmm - more gorgeous bowls. The patina on the 'form for creating the indentation' is delicious .... love the silver remnant.


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