Friday, July 13, 2018

The outcome of a small commission

©2018 Barry Smith - Trio of small metal books
As a result of the post on the small metal books I was asked to make a small book with the word "write" in it. Of course one can't just make a single book; so I decided that though the day would be a bit out of shape because of Celebration of Books Maleny commitments I could get three little books completed if I started yesterday afternoon. The three books were made from a high quality silver-plated placemat.

So a few photos of the progress and outcome of the project follow.

©2018 Barry Smith - Content of the books
©2018 Barry Smith - Drilled and riveted
©2018 Barry Smith - Ground and polished - on the workbench
©2018 Barry Smith - Books opened
©2018 Barry Smith - Trio of freestanding small metal books (about 5cm high and 3cm wide).
©2018 Barry Smith - Good book to end the blog on
Now off to the Celebration of the Book activities.


  1. oh these are a delight, have a fabulous weekend in celebration of books!

  2. Your little books are so beautiful! I love the embossed pattern on the outsides and words within.

  3. My mom commissioned the little write book for me and just gave it to me today for my birthday! I absolutely love it, and the smaller one that is a charm! These and your other works are lovely, thank you for doing your art.

  4. MC, R&S and T - thanks for checking out the blog and taking the time to leave a comment - really appreciated. MC - the weekend was a great community event. R&S - thank you - the pattern on the outside is the original pattern from the tray I cut the metal from. T- grand that your mum commissioned the small book and I'm pleased that it and the pendant bring you joy. Go well. B


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