Thursday, June 24, 2010

And the folding, flaming and beating goes on

The last two days have been full of creativity, learning and at times long days and hardish work. But the bottom line is I am learning so much from the foldforming course I think I have bored Fiona with about 30 show-and-tell pieces.The following photos show a sample of the work.

Organic leaf like forms.

Fragile spiral like form.

More claw-like or prehistoric shapes.

And of course one of a few bowls I have made. I like this shape with folds at four points. I have put a patina on it using copper nitrate under a exhaust hood and using heat.


  1. have not seen this sort of folding before-- I love the bowl with four points as well..

  2. WOW... for the patina, love the colour. Great new shapes to. Well done!

  3. Wow! B, looks like gr8 fun...can't wait to hear or read some of those tchniques you are learning. Love the images. K

  4. It was really great fun and I learnt so much that can be applied to my form of sculptural work. The two and four point folded bowls are particularly good. Great shapes with great texture. I forged one out of 2mm steel. I will post on that in the next day or so. The patina was very successful but a bit toxic so not sure I would use that a lot. B

  5. oh love the cross in the four fold bowl!


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