Monday, June 7, 2010

A big artists' day

About 12 artists from the Hinterland, including ourselves, had a long and reasonably hard day today setting up the Sculpture on the Edge exhibition at Lucas Parklands.

Fiona and I were lucky that friends and fellow artists Ken Munsie and Edith-Ann Murray rallied to the cause and helped us get out sculptural pieces over to Lucas Parklands in Montville. Whilst Edith-Ann was able to transport pieces such as my Bower and Fiona's Returning. Ken's ute was filled with my bigger and more robust bits such as Droplets and Leaves.

We unpacked the lot at the beginning of the Lucas Parklands forest walk. Noela Mills had done an excellent job of giving us numbered stakes and matching lists of our works as they will appear in the catalogue and on the sculptural walk map. Pam, President of Arts Connect and coordinator of this initiative, took the group on the forest walk and we selected locations for our pieces as we went along. We had to find locations for 50 sculptural pieces. It turned out that we were all well behaved and great locations were found for all pieces.

Then we all got into setting our pieces in place. Droplets found a home at the start of the forest walk. We all took photos of our work in position as we went along. Fiona really got down to the task - the photo shows her taking close up shots of Returning.

Noela was doing quiet a number of sail installation over the small dams on Lucas Parklands. It was really great to see that heaps of the artists such as Kim pitched in and gave Noela a hand.

I think the things that impressed me during the day were: the great quality of the work; the passion and commitment of the artists; and the great level of camaraderie and cooperation. A long day, a physically tiring day but a great day.


  1. ...and thank you Barry for risking life and limb to tie up my sails
    N xxoxoxo

  2. Looks like a challenge just getting everything there, never mind putting them in place! I bet it looks & feels so good to actually be amongst it all.

    I just gave fiona a link... Sculpture on the Edge would be great for the next one...

  3. S It has been an interesting art experience. Responding to the place (the forest) and yet stay true to your own medium/s has been a good way to stretch. Fiona and I will look closely at the festival of trees and check it for opportunioties/challenges. We are joining a bunch of other artists to spend a day creating tempoerry art as part of our Festival of Walks in August. B


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