Sunday, June 27, 2010

Foldformed forged steel

The foldforming course is at an end. We had a show and tell on the last day and the photo below shows that I was not slacking during the course. I managed to try every thing that we were taught and also tried some things in different metals including aluminium and brass.

After the show and tell Charles said we could try a few last things that interested us. I asked if I could try foldforming steel given how I use rusted steel in my work. He said of course. So we tracked down some 2mm mild steel. I wanted to try a two fold bowl; and he was going to do some metal chasing.

We set up a forge using fire bricks and oxy torch. The photos below show the forge fire and Charles beating his work.

The following photos show my foldformed and forged steel two fold bowl with brass highlights (added when the steel was still very hot).

You might note the 'bite' out of the bowl - the fire was a bit hot and melted the steel - still a bit wabisabi Noela?


  1. Have enjoyed seeing all these... some fantastic shapes.
    Now... what are you going to do with them all?!

  2. That is so great that you got to try fold forming steel! I love it.

  3. Of course now wwe are home and the challenge is to apply what I learnt - but I need to take a couple of steps: build an outdoor heavy duty work bench and beating post etc - next week's project. And to continue the fooldforming of steel I will build a small forge. But Wendy you are right the opportunity to do the foldforming of the steel was exciting - all the heat, colour, haste. B

  4. love this fold formed steel, how big are these pieces?

    1. Hi MC - most pieces are small - less than 10cm; but the steel bowl is about 15cm. B


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