Thursday, June 3, 2010

COMA mini sculptures

As indicated in an earlier post Fiona and I are contributing a piece or two to the Collaboration of Maleny Artists (COMA) Exhibition titled 'scratching the surface'. We had to deliver our pieces today; and the exhibition formally opens at 5.30pm tomorrow.

As the photos above indicate I have completed the cube I posted on earlier. The piece is called Pathways. I let it 'cure' (rust more) outside for about three weeks; and then engraved a continuous track on all the faces so that the engraving contrasted with the rusted surface.

For fun Fiona and I did a last minute joint piece called Home. As you can see from the photo the focal point is the small nest (squashed gum nut) that Fiona found on our walk this morning. It just looks like a bird's nest. So we made a quirky rusted rod and copper tree and put the nest on the tree. It is all mounted on a timber 'hill' that is embellished with copper leaf. We think it might make people smile.


  1. The cube with the pathway is interesting-- like the enso circle in Japanese art-- endless and connecting.
    I collect any bird nests I can find so I love HOME...definitely makes me smile.

  2. D Thanks for the info regarding the enso circle - when I was doing it I had a more Celtic reference in mind - knots that have no beginning or end. Interesting how these cultures influence our work and thinking. Fiona is also a neswt collected see Go well. B


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