Friday, May 7, 2010

Rusted cube with mountain

I have had a great Friday afternoon in the studio-garage. I have wanted to get into the piece I have planned for the next COMA exhibition; and progress my large post piece called Droplets (of rain) for the Lucas Parklands exhibition. And the good news I was able to do both.

The COMA exhibition is called "... scratching the surface"; and Ken (COMA coordinator) has set the rule that COMA members who are exhibiting can do a small 2D piece (5"X7") or you can do a 3D piece up to 7" cubed. The cube of course appeals to me. My starting point for my piece has been to create a rusted metal cube.
If you check out the photo you can see that I have clad a 150mm cube of Blackbutt timber with 150mm square sheets of rusted 2mm steel (in a former life it was the bottom of a trailer). I have a new cutting tool - it is capable of cutting metal up to 3mm - but that is tough work - even to cut the 2mm steel is a reasonable challenge.
All that aside I really like how the cube has turned out. I will leave it cure (rust more) outside for the next couple of weeks before doing my 'scratchings' on it. It has also been a beautiful sunny and fine day so it was good to take a photo of the cube with the Glasshouse Mountains in the background.


  1. I love the rusty surface and the minimal design-- a cube...
    very wabi-sabi.

  2. Put yogurt on it get that really good green colour, and it seems a shame not have a peep of the Blackbutt coming through for the name alone!Its stunning. J


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