Sunday, May 2, 2010

Metal letters for April

As you know I am taking part in the A Letter a Week 2010 challenge. ALaW is a creativity challenge that is meant to offer one the opportunity to at least do one small (7cm square) piece of work a week; and to take the opportunity to try new things and to share then with like minded people. The aim is to complete 2 alphabets over the course of the year.

Though one can jump around in terms of choosing letters I am really just following it through. For the four weeks of April I have done N,O, P and Q.

If you have read earlier posts on my ALaW letters, for my first alphabet I have chosen to work in brass and to use the foldforming technique for letters with straight lines; and beaten, engraved and stamped approaches for letters with curves. So this month one foldform and three beaten, stamped and engraved (P) metal letters.

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