Monday, May 3, 2010

Metal bower for the birds

In an earlier post I reported that I was working on a metal bower that reflected the courting area used by the Satin Bower Birds that live and breed in our neighbourhood.

Well after much binding of metal rods together with wire the bower has finally come together. And by the way Suzi in the end there was not such a great amount of 'playing' - the wire tying was pretty tedious. Noela - I don't think I will be adding any twigs.

As you can see from the photo above the bower is made up of a central platform and the arch - which in reality is a series of sticks that are upright and running off at various angles.

The male Satin Bower Bird usually decorates the central platform with blue objects to attract the female. I have used some paper clay leaves made by Ken Munsie and glass beads just to give an idea how it might look in the LucasParklands Exhibition setting. If time permits I will create blue bits by doing some enameling.

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